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Often members of the same department coordinate fairly well, but getting members of different service departments to collaborate on a single incident can be a challenge. With Elation, you can bring in another work group for a sub-assignment or to work in parallel.
c l i c k - o n c e
i n s t a l l a t i o n

There is no need for service staff to wait for a technician to visit their PC to install this application. They'll browse the customer website, click install and be up and running in two minutes.
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u p d a t e s 

Users can take advantage of new features that have been added to Elation products instantly with automatic updates every time they start the program. The I.T. department never has to lift a finger to install these new versions.

Great people, software and support 
W h a t  m a k e s  e l a t i o n  p r o d u c t s  b e t t e r ?
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The rules engine will detect conditions and take actions such as sending emails. You define both the conditions and actions, our engine delivers every time.
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c u s t o m i z a t i o n 

Both reports and forms can be customized for your requirements. Start with our designs or build your own. Even complex master-detail forms are supported.
u p g r a d e s  a n d 
s u p p o r t 

Elation is constantly enhancing Atlas in response to customer feedback. We deliver new releases to our customers who in turn make them available to their customers and staff. ClickOnce means there are no deployment hassles.​
s e l f - t u n i n g 

Elation uses SQL Server 2008, a self-tuning database that can handle millions of users. There is no need for a DBA either.
p l u g - i n  w i t h 
o t h e r 
a p p l i c a t i o n s 

With some customer service applications, keeping your customer list current can be a major undertaking. Automate this chore with feeds from your existing Human Resources database or network directory such as Active Directory® or eDirectory™.
s e a r c h  
o p t i o n s 

Don't remember the incident number? With flexible search options, Elation retrieves your data easily.
“Elation Support has allowed us to manage our work processes much more efficiently. It’s made a very positive difference for our district.”

Dr. Russell Clukey
Executive Director Support Services
Collier County Public Schools
Naples, Florida
( 8 7 7 )  2 8 5  -  2  7 1 1

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Great people, software and support
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