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a n a l y s i s

Whether you're setting up a new operation or working to improve an existing one, you'll maximize your investment by getting a professional analysis of your needs. Let us review the requirements, processes, hardware, and software that comprise your current system. We will deliver a report correlating your requirements with the relative strengths and weakness of your system and make recommendations for improvement. If appropriate, we will present benefits of implementing a new system.
e v a l u a t i o n

Selection of the right software is critical to your success. Very often packaged software is available to meet most of your needs within the constraints of your budget. Let us assist by identifying suitable packages and evaluating them relative to your need and budget. We will provide a report on the relative merits of the available options, leaving the selection to you.
i n s t a l l a t i o n

Using the design documents, we will assist your staff in installing the appropriate hardware and software required for your system. Often off-the-shelf applications are available in two varieties: those that do everything you could ever want, and those you can afford. Don't let this keep you from achieving your goals. Thanks to industry standards, it's often possible to make separate programs work together to achieve your desired result. We've got the expertise to bring the separate programs together in such a way that they work together as one.
T e s t i n g

Before you stake your business on a new system, you need to be sure that it works as planned. We'll assist you in putting it through its paces before you bring it into production.
T r a i n i n g

Software and processes can only work if people know how to use them. We will prepare a training curriculum tailored to your needs, and present it to your staff at the location of your choice.
P r o d u c t i o n

With your software operating properly and your staff trained, you'll identify a non-peak time to bring the system into production. We'll be there to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
C o n t i n u o u s  
I m p r o v e m e n t

We'll be there to support you. If you have questions, we're always just a phone call away. As software updates are published, we'll help you implement them. If your work flow or reporting needs change, we'll help you tweak the system to keep your operation running smoothly.
d e s i g n

Following evaluation and selection, design begins. In this phase, the needs of the origination are correlated to the features and functionality of the packaged software. Screen layouts and work flows are tailored to your needs. Data collection is adjusted to ensure that required reports can be produced. Shortcomings of the selected package can be overcome through integration with additional products.
e l a t i o n 
Consultation & Support

Our Consultation and Support Services ensures that utilization and system satisfaction is a very positive experience.

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Our expert services have been tailored with one goal in mind.

Make our clients more profitable by providing the tools and expertise that make their facility management operations as efficient and reliable as possible.

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Expert Training

Managing facility operations can be a mammoth undertaking, but our hands-on training ensures that our client-partners enjoy the full benefits of the Elation solution.

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Great people, software and support 
“Elation Support has allowed us to manage our work processes much more efficiently. It’s made a very positive difference for our district.”

Dr. Russell Clukey
Executive Director Support Services
Collier County Public Schools
Naples, Florida
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Great people, software and support
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